Ben & Jerry’s are going Half Cut for the Daintree - join us!

Girl in Daintree

Ben & Jerry's are teaming up with Half Cut again to raise funds to help buy back the Daintree Rainforest - and we’d love your help this World Half Cut day!

Half Cut are on a mission to raise funds to buy back the Daintree rainforest and then hand it back to the Traditional Owners to manage. And we’re on board!

During the months of June to August, join us to Go Half Cut in support of HalfCut’s mission to buy back and protect the 120 million year old Daintree Rainforest from development.

Why save the Daintree?

Have you heard of the incredible Daintree Rainforest in Queensland? It’s the oldest rainforest in the world – it’s so old that it was there BEFORE the continent split up and became Australia! It’s home to all kinds of rare plants, trees and native animals that only live in the Daintree and it’s fair to say, it’s a really, really special place. 

Unfortunately, a place as special as the Daintree is still at risk of being cut down unless we can buy it back. Forests are one of our best chances to beat the climate crisis and heal our planet, but right now 50% of the world's forests have already been destroyed. The amazing Daintree is one of these old forests that are at risk of logging and bulldozing unless we buy it back and protect it for good!

How can I get involved?

There’s a bunch of ways you can get involved (and some of them involve eating Ben & Jerry’s!)

#1: Join us to go Half Cut to raise funds on world Half Cut day on 31 August. Raise as much funds as you can through August, then on 31 August, join other fundraisers to go Half Cut! You can do half cut anything - cut half your beard, braid half your hair, wear a half and half outfit… anything and anyway you like! You can sign up here.

#2: Donate to Half Cut here (or in-store during July and August!)

#3: Head down to our Manly Beach store between June 22nd - August 31st to buy a coconut bowl filled with your favorite scoops for only $10! 100% of proceeds go to buying back the Daintree with Half Cut and you get to take the bowl home to use again (and again!) thanks to a cool collaboration with our friends at Coconut Bowls.

Group of people in Daintree

Where will the funds go?

With all funds raised, land in the Daintree Rainforest will be purchased back meter by meter, lot by lot. This will be protected forever from deforestation and gifted back to be managed by the Traditional Owners, the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Bama people.

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