Why now is the time to create a better future!


Why there has never been a better time to imagine and rebuild a better future!

We can all admit the world seems a little fudged this year. A worldwide pandemic has been a stark reminder of what can happen when we don’t look after nature and respect our planet . And most recently, police brutality in the US has led to protests - all over the world, highlighting the urgent need to dismantle racism and fight for systemic change. If we add in the climate crisis and its impacts, it’s no surprise we might all feel a little overwhelmed. 

Now is the time to re-imagine and rebuild our world.

It’s important to remember the power that each of us has. Together, we are a powerful force for change. There has never been a more pressing time to imagine and then act to create a better world! See, this is our watershed moment – a time where we can change the course of history! Now is the time for us to re-imagine what’s possible, and work as a collective to get there!

As we look to rebuild , we need to make sure all areas of our world are looked after – the people within Aotearoa, Papatūānuku (our planet), as well as making sure our economy is setting us all up for a thriving future.

Climate Justice

When it comes to our climate, we know the best thing we can do is embrace a low carbon future. RIGHT NOW. This means reducing fossil fuels and instead, power New Zealand with clean energy. With an economy needing a reboot, now is the time for New Zealand to spend this money on a green rebuild – investing money in cleaner energy and then systems to use this clean energy. We have so many exciting options – solar, wind, green hydro, all of which will make energy cheaper and create jobs. Luckily the technology exists, we just need to adopt it and now is exactly the time! 

Social Justice

When it comes to looking after our people, we need to make sure we create a fairer society for everyone in it. This means looking after those who are most vulnerable and making sure New Zealand is a good place for everyone, especially our indigenous community and those who are marginalised. 

Better ways of doing business

And finally, when it comes to looking after our economy – how can we build businesses that benefit  everyone? Supporting businesses  that are not just making money, but also making a positive impact. We can’t help but think how much better the world would be if every business became a B Corp! There are so many cool examples of businesses making money while changing the world at the same time. And this doesn’t just apply to businesses. The whole economic way of working can change! We know places like Amsterdam are already adopting new ideas like the doughnut economy. Sounds delicious to us.

So how do we do it?

After everything that has happened this year, we feel excited about what is possible as we move beyond Covid. Right now, we have a unique and powerful opportunity to re-imagine and re-build our world together - we are all part of the solution.. Looking for ways to be part of this super important conversation? Join us at Festival for the Future! They are on a mission to back every New Zealander to change the world  and they want you to join them! 

You have an important role to play. We need your voice, your ideas, and your leadership. This is your invitation. Join us and get involved? Here’s how you can be part of the conversation:

Learn: Learn from different perspectives the vision we want to create for NZ. Vision week has just finished, and all the discussions about the future of NZ (and change for the better!) have been recorded here. Join us to learn before we act! 

Act: Want to see action? Get those hands writing! Write a letter to your MP (or Jacinda Arden) about what you want to see adopted for a better Aotearoa.

Join: Join our friends at Festival for the Future here, and keep an eye out for Ben & Jerry’s ticket giveaway in the next few weeks. We will be there putting on a Masterclass on activism, we hope you’ll join us!