5 Situations Made Way Better by Ice Cream Delivery

June, 24, 2019


Do you believe in magic? Because ice cream delivery is basically magic. Whether you’re in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Tauranga or Wellington you can have ice cream delivered directly to your home. That’s right, instant ice cream home delivery is a reality, and it’s just a click away. Order from our delivery partner UberEATS, and you’ll be digging in to your favourite ice cream flavours in no time.

And if you’ve ever experienced these five scenarios, you know that a little ice cream delivery magic would go a long way. (Need a pint before you even dig into the list? We like your style, order UberEATS ice cream delivery now.)

  1. Your Roommate Won’t Stop Chattering During Your Favorite Show

    It’s hard to talk with a mouth full of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Ice cream delivery makes it’s easy for you to slide them a pint and enjoy the show in peace.

  2. You Need To Say You’re Sorry

    You messed up.  It was wrong. You’ll never do it again.  Make it up to them with a pint or two delivered directly to your front door using UberEATS.

  3. You Want To Impress Your Crush.

    They want to come over and watch The Tonight Show, so you blow their mind by having a pint of Tonight Dough ice cream delivered to your couch. Boom, impressed.

  4. You Realize You’ve Been Ghosted

    You’ve texted them four times, and nothing. You know who always texts back? The ice cream delivery crew.

  5. You Know You’re Worth It

    Sometimes a trip to the store is just . . . ugh. Treat yourself to ice cream delivery right to your home. You’re worth it.