Springtime Faves

28 September, 2016

  • Spring is upon us and we are super excited!

    Transitioning from our beloved winter sports to summer cricket is always an adjustment but there’s nothing better than throwing our woolly thermals to the back of the cupboard and getting outside. Why? Because spring is an amazing time of the year for so many reasons here in NZ. Here are just a few things we love …

  • Road Trip Season Kicks Off

    With the snow melting and the frosty air losing its chill, it’s the best time of year to hit the road with your mates. And the best part? You can wind those windows down and enjoy the fresh air. Finally!! While it’s still a bit too chilly to swim or surf without our wetsuits, the best spots for a weekend road trip are those beaches you’ve ignored over the winter. Did someone say a sneaky trip down to your bestie’s bach? Yes please.

  • Cones

    While our mornings are still fresh, gone are the days of cosying up under a duvet with your tub of Ben & Jerry’s… Now that the sun is shining, why not enjoy a leisurely stroll with a cone in hand instead? However you enjoy yours (waffle, choc dipped, 100’s & 1000’s coated), the cone is back and it’s about to make its spring debut – so get licking ice cream lovers!

  • Baby Animals

    Ok, if this isn’t going to get a collective awwwww nothing will. So what’s the cutest part of spring? Definitely baby animals! Fields are full of baby sheep, piglets, ducklings and baby cows (or as we reference them here at Ben & Jerry’s – baby Woody).

  • More Time for Activities

    Thank you daylight savings! With the sun spending more time above our beautiful country our days feel sooo much longer and the activities we can fit in seem endless. Dust off those walking shoes and bicycles and get outdoors.

  • Bush walks have to be our fave ..

    with spring the perfect time to get amongst the greenery NZ has to offer and go walking with your mates. The crisp air is amazing. Not as crisp as a fresh pint of Ben & Jerry’s though (we might be slightly biased). 

  • Florals Take Over

    As Miranda Priestly once said ‘Florals… for Spring? How groundbreaking’. And while it speaks to being unoriginal, florals are certainly taking over. From fashion to Instagram feeds full of flowers, so many colours and daisies are sure to make you smile. And with summer getting closer and closer we have the amazing lush colours of Pōhutukawa to look forward to.


    What is it about Spring that takes you to your happy place? Can a pint of Ben & Jerry’s enhance that moment? We think so. Share your thoughts!