5 Ben & Jerry's Problems That Are All Too Real

11th August, 2016

Usually, eating Ben & Jerry's is nothing but euphoria. That sweet, creamy ice cream. Those indulgent chunks. The quirky flavour names and bold flavour combinations. It's a delicious ride from start to finish.

Except when it's, well, not. Sometimes you encounter some pint problems. It's okay, we've all been there. Sometimes it's a struggle to be a Ben & Jerry's lover, but the struggle sure is worth it. How many of these pint problems have you endured to reach ice cream nirvana?


  1. The Frozen Flier

    It's unrealistic to expect hungry ice cream lovers to wait 10 whole minutes for a pint to soften up. So inevitably this happens.

  2. Gravity Happens

    But don't worry. Buster's got it. Maybe don't put this one back in the freezer.

  3. De-Chunking

    We all have that one friend who drills into your shared pint and selfishly digs out all the chunks. We tell them to get their own pint.

  4. Hide Your Stash!

    There's nothing worse than finding out your room mate or spouse has stolen your Ben & Jerry's. We suggest a vegetable camouflage system to prevent future infractions.

  5. Tough Luck

    We've tried to bend the laws of physics to make our ice cream soften faster, but, alas, have been unsuccessful. All we've managed to bend are our poor spoons.

  6. Full House

    Maybe if you reorganize the flavours? Or move the Chocolate Fudge Brownie to the door? It’s sad but true: your freezer has a limited pint capacity.

  7. Coming Up Empty

    You could swear you had pints in here. But all you see is the void. The empty space where once there was sweet, sweet euphoria.

  8. Frosty Fingers

    In the summer, those chilly pints might be a blessing. In the winter, you’ll need to insulate your digits before you dig in.


Have you survived these Ben & Jerry’s woes and lived to tell the tale? Congratulations! Tell us all about it in the comments below!