Our 5 Favourite Phish Moments Since Phish Food Launched 19 Years Ago!

20 December, 2016

As you should know by now, we recently launched this rocking flavour in our country of lakes! Despite being new to our land, it’s a firm favourite around the world and is an important part of the Ben & Jerry’s family!

It all began on March 18th, 1997. Ben & Jerry’s and Vermont-based jam band, Phish, launched Phish Food® - Chocolate Ice Cream with Gooey Marshmallow Swirls, Caramel Swirls & Fudge Fish. It’s been a well-loved, iconic flavour ever since.

1.  Launch of Phish Food

Flynn Theater, Burlington, VT 18 March 1997

The night the flavour was announced in our collective hometown of Burlington, VT, Phish played a fantastic show for the hometown crowd, filled with special guests including Ben and Jerry who kicked off the show introducing Phish Food.

2.  Our Favourite Island Tour

Long Island and Rhode Island, 2-5 April 1998

Phish’s funky jams that dominated the end of the decade were on full display throughout this series of shows. One of the highlights is the opener on the last night in Providence: Oh Kee Pa > You Enjoy Myself.

*If you're looking at this on your mobile, turn your phone to landscape to view the videos in the best way!

3.  Terrapin Station

Virginia Beach 9 August 1998

A special musical moment! Phish encored with their epic tune, Terrapin Station.

The moment the crowd realized what they were playing, the amphitheatre exploded with joy. It still gives us goosebumps.

4.  Jay-Z and Phish

Brooklyn, NY 18 June 2004

In the summer of 2004, both Jay-Z and Phish were calling it quits. Jay-Z joined the band on stage for two outrageously fun songs, “99 Problems” and “Big Pimpin”.

5.  World’s Largest Cowbell Ensemble

Burlington, VT 14 April 2012

When Phish Food and the Waterwheel Foundation turned 15, we wanted to mark the occasion with something unique, have some fun in the community and raise some money for Irene relief. So we gathered a great band, led by Jon Fishman, to break the world’s largest cow bell ensemble record. We did it with over 2,000 people outside of our scoop shop in downtown Burlington. Over $25,000 was raised by The Waterwheel Foundation to help Vermonters still affected by Irene.

While we believe there are a few indisputable, objective facts listed above, we realize people’s favourite moments with a band like Phish are highly subjective; these just happen to be the favourite moments of the collective Ben & Jerry’s team.

Do you have a favourite Phish moment to share? If not, worry not – we will settle for your favourite Phish Food moment.